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Clinical Specialization

Our innovative approach to clinical specialization meets the needs of all students, regardless of their goals or level of clinical practice. To accommodate all areas of interest and acumen, we allow you to craft – with the guidance of the SLPD committee – a clinical specialization/professional development plan that meets your specific interests and goals.

As part of the four-quarter Professional Integration and Reflective Practice sequence, students will complete 35 hours of specialized clinical/professional development. These hours may be completed (a) on campus in weekend short courses, (b) outside of NU (such as ADOS training, etc), or (c) in various clinical and professional settings, including non-SLP environments. Students and the SLPD committee will identify optimal opportunities for professional development. For those seeking development options outside of NU, funds will be available to support such opportunities. For students who are already experts in their clinical areas, these hours may be fulfilled by non-clinical conferences or other activities that support the overall focus area.